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KBS conference in Uganda

Researchers to discuss epidemiology and policy

The Kettil Brunn Society KBS will hold a thematic meeting on alcohol epidemiology and policy in Kampala, Uganda in November.

Øystein Bakke

The Kettil Brunn Society (KBS) is an international organization of scientists engaged in research on the social and health aspects of alcohol use and alcohol problems. The aim of the society is to promote social and epidemiological research on alcohol and foster a comparative understanding of alcohol use and alcohol problems in a spirit of international cooperation.
First time in Africa
This is the first time the KBS will hold a thematic meeting in Africa. The theme of the meeting is “Alcohol Epidemiology and Evidence-based Policy: Translating Research into Effective Prevention, Treatment and Policy”. Among the objectives of the meeting are to raise more interest in alcohol research among researchers, policy makers and program implementers in the region; to assess the current level of influence of the alcohol industry; and to create more awareness of the dangers and the situations of uncontrolled alcohol consumption in the region.
The meeting will address the following topics:
Gender and Alcohol: Reproductive Health/Family Health, FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder), Young people and alcohol, Domestic violence and alcohol
Risky Behaviour, HIV&TB, Morbidity/Mortality and Alcohol: Sexual behaviour and alcohol, Road traffic accidents and alcohol, Alcohol and HIV, Alcohol and TB, Alcohol and Diabetes and other diseases, alcohol poisoning.
Policy Issues:
  • The influence of the alcohol industry on development of alcohol policy
  • The influence of the alcohol industry on policy on illicit production, marketing and consumption.
  • Formulation of alcohol policies: What it takes to make a successful policy
  • Policies that have worked against illicit alcohol production, marketing and consumption, in different countries
  • Role of Faith Based Organisations, Role of Parliament and Government
  • Role of Civil Society Organisations, NGOs
  • Way forward against illicit alcohol production, marketing and consumption
The meeting will take place from 15th to 18th November 2010 in Kampala, Uganda.
For more information see the conference web page
More information about the Kettil Bruun Society

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