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Trade treaties and alcohol

The negotiations in the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the international binding agreements resulting from these negotiations, will have a considerable impact on national policies in the years to come. The agreements will definitely influence the possibilities to implement national control policies for prevention of alcohol-related problems. The costs for this in developing societies may be high in terms of health problems and social consequences in the future.

Below you will find news on trade treaties and alcohol.

Here you can find more background information on the topic.

Resumption of WTO talks

The negotiations processes under the World Trade Organizations are now resumed, however only on an informal level or what has been called a “soft resumption”.


Breakdown in the WTO negotiations

With the de facto breakdown in the WTO negotiations in the summer of 2006, there is now a freeze in all negotiation processes under the World Trade Organization. This also includes the negotiation on domestic regulations.




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