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Community worker in Uganda:

“We need a helping hand from the government”

Meet Abel Mununga! In this short video film he describes the alcohol situation in a local community in Uganda: What is being drunk? Which are the social consequences? How is the alcohol policy situation? Abel is a development officer in International Aid Service (IAS).


Welcome to Edinburgh, Scotland from 7-9 October 2015:

Global Alcohol Policy Conference: Momentum for change

With the title "Momentum for change: research and advocacy reducing alcohol harm" the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA) and Alcohol Focus Scotland are co-hosting the Global Alcohol Policy Conference which will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 7-9 October 2015.


NGOs withdraw from their collaboration with EU on alcohol policy

Alcohol and health NGOs in Europe have now protested against the lack of political will in the EU Commission to address alcohol problems within the union. This happens after several years of collaboration on alcohol policy issues through the European Alcohol and Health Forum where the alcohol industry also has been included.


Southern Africa:

Regulation of marketing and sale of alcohol needed to protect public health and youth in particular

“Environmental regulation is critical to supporting individual change of behaviour and to positively influencing people away from binge drinking and its ultimate effects on society. If there is no direct intervention to curb easy access to and the excessive use of alcohol, South Africa’s young population will feel the impact for generations to come”.


New report from Australia:

Alcohol producers break their own marketing codes at Facebook

Advertisers of alcohol brands at Facebook are clearly not complying with their current self-regulatory advertising codes, with many of its provisions being regularly breached. These breaches are from both the brands themselves and the responses elicited from their Facebook fans. This is the conclusion in a fresh report from Australia on Facebook marketing of alcohol.



Integrating national policies on the harmful use of alcohol, gender-based violence and HIV

Integrating policies to reduce harmful drinking, gender-based violence and hiv/aids will give better results on all three areas compared to addressing them in isolation. The current situation is that alcohol is far behind the two other policy areas in terms of good national policy frameworks.

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