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IOGT-NTO, Sweden et al:

New publication on violence and alcohol

Violence is one of the great scourges of humanity and alcohol fuels much of it. This statement opens a new publication that presents updated knowledge on the relationship between the use of alcohol and violence. The authors argue that levels of violence in a society can be substantially reduced through changes in alcohol policy.


SAAPA comment to Gauteng licensing case:

Victory for the constitutional right to be consulted on alcohol trading within communities

The Johannesburg High Court has ruled that citizens and communities have the constitutional right to be informed about and comment on alcohol policy issues that affect them. “This is an important victory for public health interests”, comment SAAPA and the Yeoville Bellevue Ratepayers Association.


New resource tool on alcohol taxation from WHO

A very good and timely resource tool on alcohol taxation and pricing policies is now available from the World Health Organization. The objective is to support national implementation of the Global Alcohol Strategy from 2010.


Living Peace programme in DRC:

Intervention gives reduced drinking, aggression and violence

The Living Peace programme to reduce intimate partner violence in DRC reports improvements in a number areas, a reduction in alcohol and substance use being one of them. The intervention led to a decrease in the use of aggression and violence, a new report concludes.


New WHO Director-General:

Points at alcohol and tobacco control to combat non-communicable diseases

«Much of suffering because of non-communicable diseases can be avoided by doing a better job in prevention and treatment. But this requires political commitment in the highest political places, says WHO’s new Director-General and points at alcohol and tobacco control as areas of priority.



Alcohol policies must be an essential element in a national development strategy

“The role of alcohol as an obstacle to development in the global South has been given increased attention in the GAPC conferences over the years. This trend was reconfirmed in this year’s conference, something that we as a development NGO warmly welcome”, comments FORUT.

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