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Integrating national policies on the harmful use of alcohol, gender-based violence and HIV

Integrating policies to reduce harmful drinking, gender-based violence and hiv/aids will give better results on all three areas compared to addressing them in isolation. The current situation is that alcohol is far behind the two other policy areas in terms of good national policy frameworks.


Regulation of alcohol advertising on the agenda of the World Medical Association

When the Council of the World Medical Association met in Oslo, a special thematic session on the ban of alcohol advertising was part of the agenda. Such a ban is a controversial topic globally but well accepted in Norway. That was the mixed message from the two invited expert speakers.


ALMA study on alcohol in Malawi

Two research articles published

Two articles emanating from the ALMA study of alcohol in Malawi have been published. Liquor sachets is the topic of one of them, while the other explores the social drinking norms. The research was conducted by Norwegian and Malawian researchers.


UNODC Executive Director calls for evidence-base practices in drug prevention and treatment

“Evidence-based practices are the best means of preventing and treating drug abuse and ending the misery of millions of people”, UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov said in Vienna at the closing of the 58th Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND). This year’s CND session was focussed on preparations for UNGASS2016.

"Alternative development" on the agenda at UNGASS meetings in Vienna

A full plenary session was devoted to "Alternative development" at the UNGASS preparatory meetings in Vienna, along with a number of side-events giving practical examples from the field. Alternative development projects aim to provide sustainable livelihoods to those communities, and also target those that engaged in illicit cultivation in the past or are vulnerable to starting illicit cultivation in the future.


New FORUT publication advocates

A broad, balanced and human drug policy

Governments and NGOs should reject the simplistic debate choice, that it’s either drug legalization or a war on drugs, concludes FORUT in a new drug policy publication. Instead, they should focus on the “third way”; a broad, balanced and human drug policy within the framework of the existing UN drug conventions and with prevention as priority number one.

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