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Mystery shopping in Ghana shows:

Adherence to age limits for alcohol sale very poor

Anecdotal evidence from many developing countries suggests that age limits for sale/purchase of alcohol are not enforced. A more systematic test confirmed this in the case of Accra, Ghana: Under-aged were allowed to buy alcohol in 88 per cent of the cases.


Over 190 civil society organisations in joint statement:

Bolder actions needed to reverse the tide of NCDs and mental disorders

All evidence points to the same unpleasant reality: that if the current pace of progress continues unabated, by 2030 the agreed Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target to reduce NCD mortality will remain a distant reality. This is the opinion of more than 190 CSOs that have sent a statement to WHO.


New book documents Heineken marketing malpractices:

Beer girls are used to promote beer drinking in Africa

Heineken uses so-called beer girls to promote the sales of its beer in ten African countries. A number of them are harassed during their work, have to sleep with managers and prostitute themselves to customers. This is documented in a newly published book by the Dutch journalist Olivier van Beemen.


Global Fund Suspends Partnership with Heineken

The Global Fund has suspended its partnership with the beer company Heineken. “It is based on recent reports of the company’s use of female beer promoters in ways that expose them to sexual exploitation and health risks”, explains the Fund in a brief press statement.


The International Standards on Drug Use Prevention launched in a new version

A new and updated version of the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention was launched during the CND session in Vienna in March. More than anything else this new version reconfirms the conclusions in the first edition of the document.


Norway objects to Global Fund-Heineken deal

Norwegian board member, Jon Lomøy, in the Global Fund states that Norway cannot support the recently announced partnership between the Fund and Heineken. The statement follows a joint open letter to the Global Fund urging it to end the Heineken deal.

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