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Nepal passes new National Alcohol Policy

The Nepalese Government passed a “National Policy on Regulation and Control of Alcohol-2017” on Monday, imposing a total ban on alcohol advertisement, promotion and sponsorship.


A manual for NGOs:

Monitoring Alcohol Marketing

The new manual shows how NGOs and local activists can monitor commercial alcohol promotions in their respective environments. The methodology was developed by the MAMPA project and the new manual is published by FORUT.


Current controls on alcohol marketing are not protecting youth, warn public health experts

Leading public health experts warn that youth around the world are exposed to extensive alcohol marketing. Current controls on that marketing appear ineffective in blocking the association between youth exposure and subsequent drinking. This is documented in a Supplement of the prestigious scientific journal Addiction.


New study published:

Alcohol marketing in Africa violates industry’s own marketing codes

More than a fourth of all monitored alcohol advertisements violated the industry’s own marketing codes, concludes a study covering seven African countries. Stronger government regulation of alcohol marketing is needed.


Norwegian NGO campaign: Divest from the alcohol industry

The Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global has invested around 10 billion US Dollars in multinational alcohol corporations. “This has to stop”, is the message from a campaign by Norwegian civil society organisations that was launched in Oslo yesterday. The main claim of the campaign is that investing in alcohol companies is incompatible with the overarching goals of Norwegian development and foreign policies.


Healthy Lanka Receives Presidential Award for Alcohol and Drug Prevention

Healthy Lanka Alliance for Development has been presented with the award for Best Alcohol and Drug Prevention Organisation for the year 2015 by His Excellency Maitripala Sirisena, President of Sri Lanka. The award was presented in recognition of Healthy Lanka’s dedicated services towards creating a well-informed society free from alcohol and drugs.

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