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Stories from Galeshewe, South Africa:

Powerful reminders of the many real effects of alcohol consumption

Many statistics, numbers and graphs have been used over the years to show the magnitude of the alcohol problem. But figures often fail to show the human suffering which follows harmful use of alcohol. Soul City in South Africa has gone to the other end of the scale by asking young people to tell their personal stories. Touching and informative, and strong reminders that there are many aspects of alcohol use which are not shown in alcohol advertising.


New cancer code:

Alcohol use a significant cancer risk factor

The International Agency for Research on Cancer and the European Commission has released an updated 4th edition of the European Code Against Cancer. The Code points at alcohol use as one of the significant risk factors. Still public awareness around this link is alarmingly low.



National policy alliance and advocacy manual launched

At a function in downtown Gaborone, Botswana a new policy alliance and an NGO manual on alcohol advertising was launched in the presence of the Ministry of Health. - We need strong civil society voices in the alcohol policy field, commented the Deputy Permanent Secretary Mrs. Shenaaz El-Halabi on behalf of the Ministry.


IOGT International:

New policy programmes and a new leadership

Two new policy programmes, an ambitious plan of action for the next four years and a new and younger leaderships. These are some of the outcomes of the 68th IOGT World Congress which was held in Cha Am, Thailand last week. The congress re-confirmed that IOGT International is one of the most vibrant and competent civil society organizations in the international alcohol and drugs field. The picture shows new IOGT president Kristina Sperkova and past president Sve-Olav Carlsson.

A toolkit for development NGOs

Prevention Works

Alcohol and drug prevention has not been high on the agenda of most development organizations. A new booklet from FORUT provides tools that will help development NGOs to integrate substance use issues into their programmes; whether their fields of interest be gender equality, HIV/AIDS prevention, poverty alleviation, community development, or other development issues.

Alcohol and Development

Alcohol use is related to a broad range of health problems, as well as social problems. This is a fact in cultures and countries all over the world. Even if the general level of alcohol consumed is lower in developing societies than in Western countries, alcohol still represents a serious obstacle to development in many countries in the global South. These facts are described and discussed in the FORUT booklet “Alcohol and Development”, printed in October 2014.  

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