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Publication on intimate partner violence and alcohol
Cheers to the family

No society is immune from intimate partner violence. Alcohol plays a significant role in those tragic events, breeding violence from the combination of intoxication with ill-conceived images of masculinity and repressive social norms.


"Reconstructing manhood", Oslo, 26-27 October 2010
Material from the Masculinity Conference in Oslo

Below you will find presentations, material, links and other resources from the conference "Reconstructing manhood", Oslo, 26-27 October 2010:

Alcohol and Gender in Latin America
Front page WHO Gender and alcohol in Latin America

On the World Bank Group homepage there is an article on a report concerning gender and alcohol consumption in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is also possible to down-load the full report from the website.


Alcohol, Gender and Drinking Problems

This book is the product of a multinational research project on "Gender, Alcohol and Culture: an International Study" (GENACIS), a major collaborative effort to highlight the relationship between gender and alcohol issues.




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