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Ways of reducing harmful use of alcohol
WHO public hearing

In a press release 2 October WHO invites all interested parties to participate in a web-based public hearing to present their views on effective strategies to reduce the burden resulting from the harmful use of alcohol. WHO was asked by its Member States in May at the World Health Assembly to develop a global strategy to combat the harmful use of alcohol. The hearing is a part of this work. Submissions must be given before 31 October.


World Health Assembly set to discuss alcohol

The Health ministers from all over the world will discuss the health burden of alcohol in the forthcoming World Health Assembly to be held in Geneva 14-23 May. This is the follow up of the WHA resolution 58.26 Public health problems caused by harmful use of alcohol, from 2005, the first WHA resolution exclusively on alcohol since 1983. The documents for the alcohol issue are now available on the WHO site.


Alcohol: No ordinary commodity
The summary of the book by Thomas Babor and a team of researchers, Alcohol: No ordinary Commodity; research and public policy is now available for free on the web site of the journal Addiction. Comments to the various chapters of the book can also be downloaded from the site.

Alcohol in Developing Societies; A public Health Approach

The WHO sponsored book by Robin Room and an international group of scholars analyzes the many sides of the problem of alcohol with a focus on Africa, Latin America, Asia, Oceania and indigenous societies within developed countries.


Policy papers on alcohol industry is a website dedicated to promoting physician and community action on alcohol and health. Two policy papers published by the American Medical Association focus on the alcohol industry, its structure and organization and ask if it partner or foe?

EU Process leads to alcohol strategy

Based two reports and an extensive consultation process the European Commission on October 24 adopted a Communication setting out a strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm.


World Bank report on youth raise alcohol issue

The recently published World Development Report 2007 - Development and the Next Generation is all about the importance of young people in the development issue. Alcohol is among the risky health behaviours that influence their lives.


WPRO Regional Committee passes resolution and strategy on alcohol

The fifty-seventh session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Western Pacific - 18 to 22 September 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand drew up measures to reduce alcohol-related harm. It passed a resolution and a regional strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm.


WHO SEARO passes resolution on alcohol

The WHO SEARO Regional Committee meeting in Dhaka 21-25 August adopted a resolution on ‘Alcohol consumption control - policy options in the South-East Asia Region


WHO EURO Alcohol control database

The Alcohol control database provides data to track and assess alcohol policies and their implementation within and across countries of the European region.


SPC programme on Tobacco and Alcohol
Tobacco and alcohol use have serious social, economic and health consequences for Pacific Island Countries (PICs). The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) is working for a secure and prosperous Pacific Community.

PAHO resources
See technical information from the Pan American Health Organization, the Regional office of WHO. In November 2005 PAHO organized the First Hemispheric Meeting on Alcohol Public Policies in Brasilia

Journal of Public Health Policy special edition on alcohol marketing and youth

Journal of Public Health Policy carried a special section on Alcohol marketing and youth - public health perspectives in 2005. David H. Jernigan and Jams F. Mosher were the Special Section Editors.


Brazil's New Closing Time

Tima Magazine report on how one city's decision to shut down bars before midnight has served as a model for cutting crime and alcoholism in a nation plagued by both.


BBC Documentary on Alcohol

In a four program series the BBC World Service focused on the global aspects of alcohol. The four programmes are availabel for listening or download from the BBC World Service.


Declaration on Young People and Alcohol, 2001

The European Declaration on Young People and Alcohol was adopted by the participants in the WHO European Ministerial Conference on Young People and Alcohol in Stockholm in 2001.


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