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Topics related to harm and policy

See the various issues related to alcohol, both its harmful effects and the policy issues arising. For more articles on the two aspects use left hand menu.

Alcohol: No ordinary commodity
The summary of the book by Thomas Babor and a team of researchers, Alcohol: No ordinary Commodity; research and public policy is now available for free on the web site of the journal Addiction. Comments to the various chapters of the book can also be downloaded from the site.

World Bank report on youth raise alcohol issue

The recently published World Development Report 2007 - Development and the Next Generation is all about the importance of young people in the development issue. Alcohol is among the risky health behaviours that influence their lives.


Researcher and government official on WHO and alcohol

The journal Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs in 2005 carried two articles on WHO and alcohol. Robin Room writes the history of ups and downs of two decades, while Norwegian government official, Bernt Bull, elaborates on the the Nordic countries and the WHA 58:26 resolution.



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