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Alcohol, drugs and development

“My father drinks a lot and misbehaves at home. He shouts, quarrels and beats us. He did not allow me to go to school. He is always asking for money from my mother, if she does not give him any, he insults and threatens her, using bad words. Many times, he suggested my mother to bring money by prostitution. One day he beat my younger sister and sent her out of house. She had to spend the whole night outside.”

(10-year old girl from a slum in Bangalore, India)

“Alcohol, Drugs and Development” (ADD) is a specialized programme run by FORUT and supported by the Government of Norway through Norad. 

FORUT is a Norwegian development organisation established in 1981 by three NGOs specialized in alcohol and drug prevention; IOGT Norway, Juvente and Juba.

FORUT’s activities are financed through fund-raising campaigns and grants from the Norwegian government. FORUT has project activities and local partners in Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Zambia.

Recognising that alcohol and drugs are important elements that should be addressed in a development setting is the topic of this website.