Challenge to all UN member states:

Children and youth first!

We appeal to governments to give the care for children and youth the highest priority when implementing national policies. This was presented as a challenge to all countries of the world when Dag Endal from FORUT addressed the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna.

08. March 2020
Oversik Topkapi og Green Crescent beskåret 900p

First session of the Istanbul Initiative

Amplifying the voice of the silent majority

We see it as our duty to amplify the voice of the silent majority. The vast majority of the global population does not use illicit drugs and wants to live in communities free from drug-related harm. This is one of the messages from the first session of the Istanbul Initiative.

20. June 2019
Front page 1200p - DPF report 2019 - Peoples\\\' Voice-1

New drug policy report:

People's Voice – the roar of the silent majority

Not all is bad, but it’s not all good either. This is the assessment of ten years of drug policy debate in the UN system, presented in the report “Peoples’ Voice” that was recently co-published by Drug Policy Futures and FORUT. The report has a critical analysis of the ongoing drug policy discourse and also a recommendation for policy areas that national governments should prioritize in the next ten years.

03. April 2019
Microsoft Word - standards 180314

The International Standards on Drug Use Prevention launched in a new version

A new and updated version of the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention was launched during the CND session in Vienna in March. More than anything else this new version reconfirms the conclusions in the first edition of the document.

04. April 2018
Rashmila ved poster på talerstol - 1200p

Rashmila Shakya, CWIN Nepal:

Empowerment of children is key in drug prevention

“With timely and right interventions children can be helped out of their drug problems. This requires broader interventions than only service delivery or education”, said CWIN representative Rashmila Shakya to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna today. She recommended participatory methods to empower children.

29. September 2017
Front pages World Drug Report 2017

World Drug Report 2017 is here

The 2017 edition of the World Drug Report is now available from the UNODC web site. As usual it presents a massive amount of data on drug consumption and related problem. The 2017 version has a different format than the previous report as it is split into five booklets.

13. September 2017
Kevin Sabet at lunch meeting - 1500p

Drug Policy Futures:

Ten steps for successful national action on drugs

Drug Policy Futures, a global NGO network of more than 300 affiliates, urges UN member states on to focus on ten action areas for better drug policies. These steps, if well-implemented, will greatly improve national drug policies and yield to a substantial reduction in drug-related harms.

05. April 2017
Filippinenes flagg

International protests against drug-related killings in the Philippines

Prevention of drug problems does not give anyone a «license to kill». This is the essence in an open letter sent by FORUT to the Government of the Philippines through their embassy in Oslo. FORUT strongly appeals to the Philippines to stop using killings and other inhuman methods as a part of their drug policy. NGOs from all over the world have expressed the same concern.

05. September 2016
FNs plenumssal 750p med FORUT-logo

FORUT granted Consultative Status at ECOSOC

“A very welcome decision which makes it possible to widen and strengthen FORUT’s collaboration with the United Nations”, says Secretary General of FORUT, Morten Lønstad, in a comment to the fact that FORUT has been granted Special Consultative Status at ECOSOC.

19. August 2016
Front page Cannabis report WHO 2016

Report from WHO on effects of nonmedical cannabis use

Just in time for the UNGASS conference in New York, the World Health Organization released a report that gives an update on what we today know about the health and social consequences on cannabis use. The report is a very important contribution towards a more sober and knowledge-based discussion around cannabis policies, in UN as well as in the member states.

09. August 2016