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FORUT, Campaign for Development and Solidarity
FORUT is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in 1981 by the Norwegian peace and temperance organisations IOGT Norway, Juvente and IOGT-Junior Association of Norway (now Juba).

FORUT in Sri Lanka

FORUT as a development agence has been in operation in Sri Lanka since 1981. FORUT Sri Lanka works in partnership with local communities and local government stakeholders, including the Samurdhi Authority, which is the government driven poverty alleviation initiative. FORUT reaches out to the communities through its own local operations across nine districts. In addition, as the lead agency working towards the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse in the country, FORUT has reached across a further six districts through a team of volunteers and its 4U youth network, which has an impressive 6500 members representing 25 DS Divisions.

FORUT projects in five countries
FORUT will contribute to social mobilisation of the poor and oppressed in their struggle for human rights, being instrumental in reforming society to be responsive to these rights and needs. Solidarity means putting respect above pity, struggling together with underprivileged groups.

Vision and Mission
FORUT’s vision is a world in peace and without poverty, where all are secured human rights and social justice, and where alcohol and drugs do not prevent people’s well being and fulfilment of human potential.

FORUT’s mission is to fight poverty and to mobilise for a world with more justice and solidarity. We want to enhance the quality of life of the people through their participation in development processes, advocacy and political awareness.



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