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Partnership and mutual learning

There are FORUT-offices in Sri Lanka and Sierra Leone, while the development activities in India, Nepal and Malawi are implemented by partner organisations. Experience through nearly three decades has made FORUT a competent contributor in development and relief operations in a continuous interaction with all partners. Impoverished and marginalized people are seen both as target groups and as resources in FORUT’s efforts. FORUT works to strengthen the abilities of local communities to cater to its inhabitants' basic needs.



FORUT’s participation in development initiatives in Sri Lanka has deep and long-lasting roots, and the particular focus on this country looks certain to continue at a high level for many years.
Sri Lanka has by far the most extensive programme of all FORUT partner countries. FORUT has been working in Sri Lanka since 1981, in partnership with local communities, and in close collaboration with local government stakeholders. FORUT is currently operational in 13 districts across the country and works together with all three main ethnic communities.
FORUT Sri Lanka has a long history of working with community development approaches and building local institutions in Sri Lanka. In areas affected by conflict, FORUT has a long-term programme assisting and resettling IDPs. This long-term commitment to Sri Lanka coupled with expertise in developing community partnerships, has also enabled FORUT to respond rapidly to the demands of relief operations.


Our partner organisations in India are Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA) and the Concerned for Working Children (CWC). They are both engaged in promoting the rights of children, emphasising the ability of children to control their own lives. Lobbying towards local, state and federal governments as well as international institutions are also a vital part of their work, with an aim to involve them in efforts to improve children’s condition.


FORUT’s partner organisation in Nepal is Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre (CWIN), a pioneer organisation for the rights of the child and against child labour exploitation. CWIN is an advocate organisation for the child's rights with focus on children living and working under the most difficult circumstances. CWIN's main areas of concern are child labour, street children, child marriage, bonded labour, trafficking of children, children in conflict with laws and commercial-sexual exploitation of children.


The rural community rehabilitation programme in Sierra Leone is implemented by the local FORUT office staff. Agriculture, education and training, health and conflict management are key words of the FORUT intervention in this very poor country, struggling to recover after years of conflict and civil war. The target groups are generally rural community members, e.g. poor farm families, underprivileged women and unemployed youths. The over-all objective is to contribute to the economic development of partner communities and promote peaceful co-existence.


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