Alcohol and drug problems

For many, consuming alcohol may seem an easy way to cope with everyday problems.   That view is certainly reinforced by images in alcohol promotions that hammer home the notion that alcohol offers a taste of luxury, recreation, and entrée into a world free of everyday worries.   Not so apparent are the myriad health and other problems created by alcohol use that impose additional burdens on poor people, generate substantial problems for society, and become onerous stumbling blocks for development. 

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New report from SERAF:

Alcohol use - a barrier to health and to the achievement of the SDGs

Alcohol is a barrier to achieving both good and equitable health, on a global scale. Targets 3.4 and 3.5 of the third Sustainable Development Goal will not be achieved without addressing alcohol use. This is the conclusion of a newly published report written by SERAF, The Norwegian Centre for Addiction Research.

06. June 2019
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WHO Launches Global status report on alcohol and health 2018

In 2016, the harmful use of alcohol resulted in some 3 million deaths (5.3% of all deaths) worldwide. Mortality resulting from alcohol consumption is higher than that caused by diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and diabetes. These are among the new figures presented by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Global status report on alcohol and health 2018 released today. The report also demonstrates that the age-standardized alcohol-attributable burden of disease and injury was highest in the WHO African Region.

21. September 2018
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Updated figures from the Global Burden of Disease Study:

Effective alcohol policies are needed now to yield health benefits in the future

There is no safe level of alcohol use. Nearly three million deaths globally were attributed to alcohol use in 2016. Increasing alcohol use may result in increasing health problems in the future in low and middle income countries.

17. September 2018
Front page Alcohol and violence - IOGT-NTO - 2017-1 1200p

IOGT-NTO, Sweden et al:

New publication on violence and alcohol

Violence is one of the great scourges of humanity and alcohol fuels much of it. This statement opens a new publication that presents updated knowledge on the relationship between the use of alcohol and violence. The authors argue that levels of violence in a society can be substantially reduced through changes in alcohol policy.

29. November 2017
GAPC postcard

Still time to register

GAPC2017 to focus on mobilising for change

The Global Alcohol Policy Conference in Melbourne, Australia is one month away. Starting 4 October, the conference’s theme of “Mobilising for Change – Alcohol policy and the evidence for action” builds on earlier conferences’ translation of evidence into action and recognises the increasing momentum around the world to stop harm caused by alcohol.

05. September 2017

ALMA study on alcohol in Malawi

Two research articles published

Two articles emanating from the ALMA study of alcohol in Malawi have been published. Liquor sachets is the topic of one of them, while the other explores the social drinking norms. The research was conducted by Norwegian and Malawian researchers.

13. April 2015

New cancer code:

Alcohol use a significant cancer risk factor

The International Agency for Research on Cancer and the European Commission has released an updated 4th edition of the European Code Against Cancer. The Code points at alcohol use as one of the significant risk factors. Still public awareness around this link is alarmingly low.

15. December 2014
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Stories from Galeshewe, South Africa:

Powerful reminders of the many real effects of alcohol consumption

Many statistics, numbers and graphs have been used over the years to show the magnitude of the alcohol problem. But figures often fail to show the human suffering which follows harmful use of alcohol. Soul City in South Africa has gone to the other end of the scale by asking young people to tell their personal stories. Touching and informative, and strong reminders that there are many aspects of alcohol use which are not shown in alcohol advertising.

12. December 2014
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A toolkit for development NGOs

Prevention Works

Alcohol and drug prevention has not been high on the agenda of most development organizations. A new booklet from FORUT provides tools that will help development NGOs to integrate substance use issues into their programmes; whether their fields of interest be gender equality, HIV/AIDS prevention, poverty alleviation, community development, or other development issues.

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Alcohol and Development

Alcohol use is related to a broad range of health problems, as well as social problems. This is a fact in cultures and countries all over the world. Even if the general level of alcohol consumed is lower in developing societies than in Western countries, alcohol still represents a serious obstacle to development in many countries in the global South. These facts are described and discussed in the FORUT booklet “Alcohol and Development”, printed in October 2014.