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WPRO Regional Committee passes resolution and strategy on alcohol

The fifty-seventh session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Western Pacific - 18 to 22 September 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand drew up measures to reduce alcohol-related harm. It passed a resolution and a regional strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm.

Øystein Bakke

Concerned by the growing public health problems associated with the harmful consumption of alcohol and the increasing trend in hazardous drinking, the World Health Organization Regional Committee for the Western Pacific considered a strategy to tackle the issue.

The strategy focuses on reducing the harmful use of alcohol by regulating the marketing of alcoholic beverages, ensuring adequate public information is available about the damaging consequences of excessive alcohol use and implementing health promotion programmes as well as by providing support to civic and nongovernmental organizations to help them respond effectively to the problem. The strategy provides guidelines for action based on the specific needs and situations in Member States in the Region.

The text of the resolution and the strategy will be published at the WHO WPRO web site.

More information:
The full text of the WPRO Press Release: WHO draws up measures to reduce alcohol-related harm
Download the Regional Strategy to Reduce Alcohol-related Harm (WPR/RC57/8 ) from the WHO WPRO site

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