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While alcohol abuse does not cause men’s violence against women, it can be a contributing factor.

The MenEngage Alliance calls for effective policies to reduce harmful drinking

In its Call for Action to the Commission on the Status of Women in 2013, the global MenEngage alliance defined policies to decrease alcohol consumption as one of ten priority areas of action to reduce violence against women.

The MenEngage alliance is a global network of more than 300 NGOs and UN partners working to engage men and boys in gender equality and in violence prevention. On the occasion of the 57th Session of the CSW - focusing on the prevention of violence against women - the MenEngage Alliance called on the UN and state parties to take primary prevention seriously.

In its statement MenEngage makes reference to research which has repeatedly shown that decreasing excessive alcohol use is a key strategy in some settings to reduce men’s use of violence against women and decrease other high risk behaviors, including those related to HIV. “While alcohol abuse does not cause men’s violence against women, it can be a contributing factor. Indeed, alcohol consumption and over-consumption are associated with harmful behaviors including domestic violence, unsafe sex and road traffic accidents”, concludes MenEngage.

The MenEngage Call for Action can be downloaded here.

Other priority areas to reduce gender-based violence defined by MenEngage were, among others: School-based, gender equality curricula that include discussions of gender-based violence; public education efforts to educate men and women about existing laws on violence against women; support for men and boys who have witnessed or experienced violence during childhood; and restriction of access to guns.

Here is the website of the MenEngage Alliance.