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New report:

Alcohol Marketing and Regulatory Policy Environment in India

India’s alcohol consumption is increasing by 10-15 per cent per year, and among drinkers binge drinking is the dominating pattern. India is now one of the key emerging markets for the global spirits  industry.

06. March 2014

The alcohol situation in Malawi documented in new research report

A modest proportion of Malawians - 14 per cent - are alcohol drinkers. On the other hand, those who do drink have a high and risky consumption level. These were two of the key conclusions in a report presented to the Malawian Minister of Health Wednesday. The report has mapped drinking habits in Malawi.

29. November 2013
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Training Programme on Evidence-based Alcohol Policy

A new Training Manual to support evidence-based alcohol policy development in low income settings is now available! The manual has been developed on the basis of pilot trainings in seven African countries.

03. October 2013
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National Alcohol Policy Alliance formed in Lesotho

Civil society organizations in Lesotho have come together to form the Alcohol Policy Alliance Lesotho. The new network aims at being a watchdog for and supporter of evidence-based alcohol policies in the country.

30. July 2013
Dr. Chan, WHO

Dr. Chan will protect alcohol policy from industry

WHO Director General, Dr. Margaret Chan, will protect alcohol policy making from commercial or vested interests of the alcohol industry. She welcomes an initiative by researchers and civil society organizations that keep careful watch over the behaviour of the alcohol industry.

15. April 2013
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This is the Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance

The Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA) is a network of NGOs which advocate for evidence-based alcohol policies in countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Alliance now invites more NGOs to join.

10. April 2013
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South Africa: Conflict over ban on alcohol advertising

A fierce discussion on possible restrictions on alcohol advertising is currently going on in South Africa. The 53rd ANC National Conference re-confirmed the ANC’s intention to introduce a ban on alcohol adverts.

25. February 2013

The Malawi Alcohol Policy Alliance established

A collaboration process for Malawian NGOs, which was triggered by advocacy efforts by the alcohol in industry in 2007, has now led to the formation of a national NGO alliance, MAPA, to work for evidence-based alcohol policies.

02. May 2012

Liqour sachets banned in Zambia

The Government of Zambia has with immediate effect banned the manufacturing and sale of strong liquor sachets commonly known as tujilijili. This was announced by Minister Luo (picture)at a press briefing in Lusaka on Sunday 15 April, reports The Times of Zambia.

16. April 2012

South African Minister of Social Development:

“We have to be robust in reducing harm caused by alcohol"

- We are committed to using evidence-based strategies to reduce the harm caused by alcohol use and abuse. South African Minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini.

16. December 2011