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Drug Policy Futures will engage in an open dialogue about the strengths and weaknesses of global drug policies.

Drug Policy Futures

New international network launched in Vienna

Alternatives? Yes! Legalisation? No! The platform of the newly launched Drug Policy Futures calls for an end to a polarised drug debate at the United Nations.

As the United Nation’s host the 2014 Commission of Narcotic Drugs this week in Vienna, a new drug policy platform, Drug Policy Futures, was formally launched Tuesday 18th of March at a side-event to the CND meeting. The picture shows the podium with the speakers at the launch event.

The new public-health oriented platform, which was conceived by civil society delegates who attended last year’s United Nation’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs, aims to challenge the opinion that drug policy is a simple choice between a “war on drugs” or a legal market of substances which are harmful to health.

Close to 40 NGOs from all corners of the world are behind the new initiative from its inception. Now other NGOs which share the same drug policy platform are invited to join the ranks. At the launch meeting Vienna it was stressed that Drug Policy Futures will engage in an open dialogue about the strengths and weaknesses of global drug policies. - We will advocate for evidence based strategies to promote public health, safety and the well-being of society, including those addicted to drugs and their families, the web site of the network says.

The following principles form the foundation for the work of Drug Policy Futures:

  • Drug policies should prevent initiation of drug use.
  • Drug policies must respect human rights (for users and non-users alike) as well as the principle of proportionality.
  • Drug policies should strike a balance of efforts to reduce the use of drugs and the supply of drugs.
  • Drug policies should protect children from drug use.
  • Drug policies should ensure access to medical help, treatment and recovery services.
  • Drug policies should ensure access to controlled drugs for legitimate scientific and medical purposes.
  • Drug policies should ensure that medical and judicial responses are coordinated with the goal of reducing drug use and drug-related consequences

FORUT has already joined Drug Policy Futures and the same has IOGT International, Drug Fight Malawi, Actis Norway, EURAD, San Patrignano and Smart Approaches to Marijuana, to mention a few of the members.