AIDS by the numbers - A5 brochure
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"AIDS in numbers":

New figures confirm global progress

Remarkable progress has been made over the last decade—yet significant challenges remain. This is the conclusion UNAIDS draws from the latest statistics over the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Their new report “AIDS by the numbers” says that there has been a reduction of 33% in new HIV infections since 2001.

The new UNAIDS reports is, as the title clearly indicates, a collection of the latest statistics on the global HIV/AIDS situation. As such “AIDS by the numbers” is a very useful tools for all working in AIDS prevention or treatment programs. The report gives among others these facts:

  • 33% decrease in new HIV infections since 2001

  • 29% decrease in AIDS-related deaths (adults and children) since 2005

  • 52% decrease in new HIV infections in children since 2001

  • 40-fold increase in access to antiretroviral therapy 2002–2012

The new UNAIDS statistics are available in two version which can be accessed and downloaded here; an A5 8 pages brochure and a 12 pages A4 report.

More relevant information can be found here at the UNAIDS web site.

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