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New WHO report:

Monitoring Alcohol Marketing in Africa

Effective legislation is necessary to strictly regulate alcohol marketing activities. This is one of the recommendations in a new report; "Monitoring Alcohol Marketing in Africa", released by WHO AFRO today.

Øystein Bakke

Monitoring Alcohol Marketing in Africa - MAMPA Project is a new report released by the Africa Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO). The study on alcohol marketing was commissioned by the WHO Regional Office for Africa in 2010. The background was an intention to support governments in their decision on what measures to take regarding alcohol advertising. In order to inform such decisions insight into the impact of advertising, specifically in terms of volume, frequency, and content of alcohol advertising and promotion is essential.

The MAMPA project generated data on alcohol advertising and promotion in Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Gambia. It concludes that the content of advertisements and marketing styles appeal to young people. The results underline the need for countries to strengthen policy and legislation to restrict alcohol marketing.

Among the recommendations of the report is for governments to recognize that a comprehensive ban on advertising, promotion and sponsorship would reduce alcohol-related harm, and that self regulation is an ineffective mechanism to reduce alcohol related harm, effective legislation is necessary to strictly regulate alcohol marketing activities.

Coordinator of the Project:
The Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy (STAP ‐ the Netherlands) coordinated the project. Contact persons are Avalon de Bruijn and Wim van Dalen.

The report is available at the WHO AFRO site: Monitoring Alcohol Marketing in Africa - MAMPA Project



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