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"Reconstructing manhood", Oslo, 26-27 October 2010

Material from the Masculinity Conference in Oslo

Below you will find presentations, material, links and other resources from the conference "Reconstructing manhood", Oslo, 26-27 October 2010:

Program Reconstructing Manhood Oslo 26 October 2010

List of participants


Norwegian Minister of Justice Mr. Knut Storberget: Keynote speech

Desmond Lesejane: One Man Can Make a Difference

Satish Kumar Singh: Men's Action for Stopping Violence Againsr Women

Gary Barker: Men, Gender Euqality and the Millennium Development Goals

Ten Things Men Can Do; handout from Jackson Katz

Gary Barker: Men and Masculinity in Post-Conflict and Conflicts Settings

Material distributed by the speakers

Exercise "Offsides" - from Mentors in Violence Prevention program /Kackson Katz

Exercise "Illegal Motion" - from Mentors in Violence Prevention program /Kackson Katz

Exercise "Offsides" - from Mentors in Violence Prevention program /Kackson Katz

Brothers for Life Toolkit - Sonke Gender Justice

Turning Point - Action Plan to combat domestic violence - The Norwegian Government

A Journey Towards Justice - a presentation of the Men's Action for Stopping Violence Againts Women/Satish Kumar Singh

Relevant web pages


The White Ribbon Campaign

White Ribbon Campaign Norway

Jackson Katz' web site

UN Network of Male Leaders

UN Network of Male Leaders; speech by Mr. Knut Storberget, Norwegian Minister of Justice


Engaging Men and Boys in Changing Gendert-Based Inequity in Health; a review of 58 programmes (WHO/Promundo publication)

Engaging Men and Boys to Achieve Gender Equality (ICRW/Promundo publication)

Media Education Foundation (Material recommended by Jackson Katz)

Jean Kilbourne (Material recommended by Jackson Katz)

Byron Hurt (Material recommended by Jackson Katz)

Family Violence Prevention Fund (Material recommended by Jackson Katz)

The Macho Paradoc; book by Jackson Katz 

Cheers; booklet on intimate partner violence and alcohol (IOGT/FORUT publication)



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