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The alcohol situation in Malawi documented in new research report

A modest proportion of Malawians - 14 per cent - are alcohol drinkers. On the other hand, those who do drink have a high and risky consumption level. These were two of the key conclusions in a report presented to the Malawian Minister of Health Wednesday. The report has mapped drinking habits in Malawi.


Training Programme on Evidence-based Alcohol Policy

A new Training Manual to support evidence-based alcohol policy development in low income settings is now available! The manual has been developed on the basis of pilot trainings in seven African countries.


Health versus profits:
Conflict over liquor sachets in Malawi

Malawi now experiences a conflict over liquor sachets. Government and NGOs versus alcohol producers. Health versus profits. Also other countries in Africa face problems with the small plastic bags with strong liquor.


New alcohol policy in the making in Malawi

Malawi has embarked on a process to develop a new national alcohol policy. “The Malawian way” could well serve as a model for other countries!


Existing alcohol legislation in Malawi

This paper, which is written by Zione Ntaba, reviews the existing legislation on alcohol in Malawi.


Cooperation on alcohol and drug prevention

The Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and FORUT Norway have signed an agreement to cooperate on alcohol and drug prevention in their development programs. The organizations believe that they will enhance the quality of their by work by combining their networks and expertise.


Alcohol policy training in Malawi and Botswana

Malawi and Botswana became the two first countries to test a new training package on evidence-based alcohol policies. Namibia will be the next country early in 2010.


Drinks industry supplanting government role in Sub-Saharan Africa

The multinational drinks industry has made attempts to take control over alcohol policy formulation in a number of African countries.


One man can!

Men can be mobilized to change men and harmful images of masculinity. Men can be a part of the solution! This was the optimistic message from Kenya and South Africa at a FORUT seminar in Malawi recently.


Swedish Radio examines an emerging alcohol market - in the third world

Two journalists of the Swedish radio documentary "Kaliber" visited Malawi and filed a report about those who experience the alcohol problems first hand, and the industry representative that think there is no alochol problem in the country.


Agreement signed on alcohol and drug prevention in Malawi

The Government of Malawi and the Norwegian development NGO FORUT recently signed an agreement to cooperate on alcohol and drug prevention.

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Alcohol policy discussions in Malawi

“As a developing country Malawi cannot afford to divert our scarce resources from basic needs such as education and food to alcohol consumption”.


National conference on alcohol prevention in Malawi 12 November 2008

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security and FORUT – The Norwegian Campaign for Development and Solidarity invite Malawian civil society organizations and government institutions to a conference in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.

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Drinks industry supplanting government role in alcohol policies in Sub-Saharan Africa

In a number of Sub-Saharan countries the drinks industry has usurped a governmental role by designing national alcohol policies. Its motive is clearly to safeguard its own vested interests – by directing the development of alcohol policies!


FORUT: Plan for Alcohol and Drug Prevention in Malawi

The first plan for FORUT’s cooperation with Malawi has now been approved. Prevention of alcohol and drug problems is the main focus of the plan, linked to critical issues in Malawi like HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence.




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