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Indian Alcohol Policy Alliance launched in Delhi

In May the Indian Alcohol Policy Alliance was officially launched with a seminar i Delhi. The alliance, an affiliate to the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance and a partner to FORUT, will be advocating for alcohol control policies in India.


Chairman: Dr. S. Arulrhaj is the chairman of IAPA

The Indian Alcohol Policy Alliance (IAPA)was launched with a programme in New Delhi on 4 May. The chairman of the alliance, Dr. S. Arulrhaj, says the vision is to prevent and reduce the social, economic and physical impact from abuse of alcohol by steering the attention of policy makers towards formulating policies for alcohol control in India.

IAPA also aims to mobilize society for the promotion of alcohol policies that safeguard individuals and families from the negative consequences of alcohol use through awareness and advocacy campaigns.

In addition to Dr. S. Arulrhaj IAPA is lead by Hony. Secretary Dr Shanthi Ranganathan and Dr Hariharan as the Chief Executive.

Talking to the Tribune prior to the launch the chairman said, “Alcohol is harmful to you, your family, society and India. It damages your health, wealth, mind and peace. Quit alcohol today permanently. Alcohol at home kills you. Alcohol on road kills others.”

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