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Global Strategy and Alcohol Atlas

Two key documents are now available from the freshly redesigned web site of the WHO Management of Substance Abuse.

Øystein Bakke

WHO Global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol
The global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol which was endorsed by the Sixty-third World Health Assembly in May 2010 is now available for download from the WHO web page in its final form.

To better prevent and treat alcohol and illicit drug use disorders, the World Health Organization has launched the first global report on resources currently in use to respond to these health concerns.

The Atlas on substance abuse: Resources for the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders has collected information from 147 countries, representing 88% of the world's population. It has a particular focus on low- and middle-income countries.
Both documents are available from this web site: WHO Management of Substance Abuse



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