2022-01-21 Revised edition: The seven key messages of the alcohol industry
2022-01-24 Report on efforts from alcohol companies to influence WHO alcohol action plan
2022-01-24 Disproving the myths of alcohol and cardiovascular health
2022-01-21 Alcohol availability - a key issue in gender-based violence
2021-07-09 The Role of Alcohol in Road Traffic injuries in Malawi
2021-07-09 Monitoring the implementation of the UNGASS agreement
2019-04-03 People's Voice – the roar of the silent majority
2021-05-28 New report highlights benefits of policy measures to prevent harmful alcohol consumption
2021-01-28 Highlighting the COVID-19 – alcohol connection
2021-01-19 The Sobering Truth: Incentivizing Alcohol Death and Disability
2020-10-29 Alcohol among risk factors increasing
2020-09-22 New report exposes unhealthy industry responses to COVID-19
2020-09-03 Covid-19 shows us why certain investments of the Norwegian oil fund is unethical
2020-05-12 Effective alcohol regulation can be Covid-19 legacy
2020-06-26 World Drug Day: better knowledge for better care
2020-09-03 Alcohol industry influence exposed in Latin America and the Caribbean
2020-08-10 On marketing, pricing and labelling of alcohol and the Russian experience
2016-08-09 Report from WHO on effects of nonmedical cannabis use
2017-04-05 Ten steps for successful national action on drugs
2017-09-13 World Drug Report 2017 is here
2018-04-04 The International Standards on Drug Use Prevention launched in a new version
2020-03-08 Children and youth first!
2020-02-27 For the sake of the family – alcohol, domestic violence and women’s health
2019-06-06 Alcohol use - a barrier to health and to the achievement of the SDGs
2020-02-12 African Alcohol Policy Alliances with clear message to the African Union
2019-12-13 Norway launches strategy to combat Non-communicable Diseases
2019-12-13 A call for the implementation of cost effective alcohol interventions
2019-12-05 Alcohols’ impact on the rights of women and children in the Global South
2019-12-11 Alcohol obstacle to development
2019-10-28 WHO consultation on global alcohol strategy and the way forward
2019-06-20 Amplifying the voice of the silent majority
2019-06-07 Spirits industry afraid of their own ingredients?
2019-05-30 Government investments in alcohol industry up against the wall
2019-05-29 Abstracts for GAPC 2020 – deadline 29 July 2019
2019-05-07 A regional African alcohol coordination mechanism is needed
2019-05-09 Involve young people as partners in prevention!
2019-04-25 SAAPA applauds WHO position on no industry collaboration
2019-04-23 New book reveals a series of unethical business practices by Heineken in Africa
2019-04-03 Next GAPC to be held in Dublin in March 2020
2018-10-10 UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs misses the target
2018-10-10 Trouble Brewing
2018-10-10 SAFER – a new WHO initiative to boost national alcohol policy processes
2018-09-21 WHO Launches Global status report on alcohol and health 2018
2018-09-19 First national alcohol policy conference to be held in Uganda
2018-09-17 Effective alcohol policies are needed now to yield health benefits in the future
2018-06-19 Adherence to age limits for alcohol sale very poor
2018-07-31 Advertising regulations must focus more on alcohol promotion through social media
2018-06-07 Bolder actions needed to reverse the tide of NCDs and mental disorders
2018-04-04 Global Fund Suspends Partnership with Heineken
2018-04-05 Beer girls are used to promote beer drinking in Africa
2018-02-06 Norway objects to Global Fund-Heineken deal
2018-02-05 Public health advocates urge Global Fund to end Heineken partnership
2018-01-28 The West African Alcohol Policy Alliance officially launched
2018-01-17 Conference on substance use and sustainable development in Africa
2017-11-29 New publication on violence and alcohol
2017-11-11 Victory for the constitutional right to be consulted on alcohol trading within communities
2017-11-08 New resource tool on alcohol taxation from WHO
2017-11-02 Intervention gives reduced drinking, aggression and violence
2017-10-18 Points at alcohol and tobacco control to combat non-communicable diseases
2017-10-12 Alcohol policies must be an essential element in a national development strategy
2017-10-06 GAPC2017 closed in Melbourne - Sri Lanka next in 2019
2017-10-04 Focus on how evidence can be translated into action to reduce alcohol harm
2017-10-03 Alcohol as an obstacle to development
2017-09-29 Empowerment of children is key in drug prevention
2017-08-14 Alcohol policy alliance formed in West Africa
2017-09-14 Civil society partnership gets SAB to withdraw "Beers for Africa"
2017-09-05 GAPC2017 to focus on mobilising for change
2017-08-31 New National Alcohol Policy launched by Minster of Health
2017-08-29 Civil society networks call for stronger action against non-communicable diseases
2017-06-15 Program ready for GAPC2017
2017-06-01 Alcohol brought up in WHA NCD debate
2017-01-19 Monitoring Alcohol Marketing
2017-02-24 Nepal passes new National Alcohol Policy
2017-01-10 Current controls on alcohol marketing are not protecting youth, warn public health experts
2017-01-10 Alcohol marketing in Africa violates industry’s own marketing codes
2016-09-22 Norwegian NGO campaign: Divest from the alcohol industry
2016-09-13 Healthy Lanka Receives Presidential Award for Alcohol and Drug Prevention
2016-09-12 The Globe: New design, new format
2016-09-07 Blue Cross Lesotho includes discussions on masculinity in their treatment programme
2016-09-05 International protests against drug-related killings in the Philippines
2016-08-29 Alcohol industry afraid of losing their health image, adopts new and offensive strategies.
2016-08-19 FORUT granted Consultative Status at ECOSOC
2016-08-12 International trade court ruled in favour of Uruguay and against Philip Morris in tobacco case
2016-08-09 UNODC: International Standards on Drug Use Prevention
2016-06-27 Consider comprehensive bans on alcohol marketing
2016-06-03 World Health Assembly side event discusses alcohol marketing
2016-05-02 A comprehensive menu for reducing drug-related harm
2016-04-22 Prevent drug problems, don't promote them
2016-04-13 FORUT representative to speak at UNGASS
2016-04-06 Big alcohol in the search light
2015-11-04 An invitation to men to discuss masculinity and drinking habits
2015-09-29 Alcohol and drug problems from a child rights perspective
2015-06-15 Landmark report from OECD recommends evidence-based alcohol policies
2015-05-18 Integrating national policies on the harmful use of alcohol, gender-based violence and HIV
2015-03-03 A broad, balanced and human drug policy
2015-11-12 AB InBev + SABMiller = Newco
2015-11-10 Alcohol: a global concern
2015-11-04 A Win-Win Measure for Financing Development
2015-10-31 New national alcohol policy alliance established in Sierra Leone
2015-10-16 GAPC calls for a national and global push for stronger alcohol policies
2015-10-16 Conference declaration from GAPC 2015 in Scotland
2015-09-30 FORUT recommends a broad, balanced and prevention-oriented global drug strategy
2015-07-20 WHO Americas publishes alcohol and health report
2015-08-13 Prevention award presented to Healthy Lanka
2015-08-04 Consensus reached over new Sustainable Development Goals
2015-01-28 Global Alcohol Policy Conference: Momentum for change
2015-06-11 NGOs withdraw from their collaboration with EU on alcohol policy
2015-06-03 Regulation of marketing and sale of alcohol needed to protect public health and youth in particular
2015-06-11 “We need a helping hand from the government”
2015-05-28 Alcohol producers break their own marketing codes at Facebook
2015-04-13 Two research articles published
2015-04-28 Regulation of alcohol advertising on the agenda of the World Medical Association
2015-03-20 "Alternative development" on the agenda at UNGASS meetings in Vienna
2015-03-19 UNODC Executive Director calls for evidence-base practices in drug prevention and treatment
2015-01-21 Number of premature and avoidable NCD deaths on the rise
2014-11-06 New policy programmes and a new leadership
2014-04-23 CND 2014: Health, prevention and treatment
2014-06-19 Alcohol a risk factor behind many critical development issues
2014-12-05 National policy alliance and advocacy manual launched
2014-12-15 Alcohol use a significant cancer risk factor
2014-12-12 Powerful reminders of the many real effects of alcohol consumption
2014-12-11 Alcohol policy will impact HIV/AIDS epidemic
2014-06-19 UNDP and WHO with a strong message on alcohol, gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS
2014-07-04 Control of precursor chemicals is a growing challenge
2014-07-03 Global drug use prevalence stable
2014-10-02 MenEngage Alliance established in Sri Lanka
2014-10-01 Malawi – a natural policy experiment to draw lessons from
2014-05-13 WHO: More needs to be done to prevent alcohol-related harm
2014-09-30 No Ordinary Commodity published in Mandarin language
Alcohol and Development
Prevention Works
2014-10-05 Product placements in music videos
2014-04-24 New films on alcohol and masculinity
2014-06-02 UK charity 'Comic Relief' withdraws alcohol investments
2014-03-03 International charter on the prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
2014-03-31 "Extend tobacco-style restrictions to alcohol"
2014-03-28 Alcohol industry still calls the shots
2014-03-26 Africa identified as new frontier for beer
2014-03-06 Alcohol Marketing and Regulatory Policy Environment in India
2014-03-18 New international network launched in Vienna
2014-02-26 Plastic sachets with liquor a public health problem in Tanzania
2014-03-14 Two weeks of drug policy discussions in Vienna
2014-03-05 - Policy responses to alcohol marketing are urgently needed
2013-06-14 WHO Director General Dr. Chan warns again against vested interests
2014-02-26 The MenEngage Alliance calls for effective policies to reduce harmful drinking