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FORUT joins Worldalcohol.net

FORUT has joined a new network of NGOs which is set up to facilitate WHO-NGO communication in the wake of the WHA 58.26 resolution on Public health problems caused by harmful use of alcohol.

The network, called The World NGO Network on Alcohol and Public Health, was set up after a meeting between WHO secretariat and representatives from 20 nongovernmental organizations and professional associations in Geneva 24 and 25 April 2006. The meeting was a direct follow up of the World Health Assembly resolution 58.26: Public health problems caused by harmful use of alcohol. In the resolution, the Director-General of WHO is, among other things, requested to collaborate with health professionals, nongovernmental organizations and other relevant stakeholders to promote the implementation of effective policies and programs to reduce harmful alcohol consumption.

In the concluding session of the meeting it was agreed to set up a network which should encompass a broad spectrum of NGOs and professional associations working directly with alcohol related problems or in associated areas. The first priority was setting up a web site as an information sharing tool for the network.

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