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Documentation from Alcohol Policy Conferences in Malawi November 2008

“As a developing country Malawi cannot afford to divert our scarce resources from basic needs such as education and food to alcohol consumption”.With these words the Malawian Minister of Home Affairs, Hon Earnest F. Malenga, opened a conference on alcohol as an obstacle to development on the 12th of November 2008.

The conference in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, was attended by more than 100 representatives from Malawian NGOs and government institutions, as well as from NGOs from other African countries, India, Sri Lanka and Norway. The purpose of the event was to discuss how alcohol problems are related to other key development issues and to define effective interventions against such problems.

Two days prior to the conference in Lilongwe, a training session on evidence-based alcohol policies was held in Mangochi, at Southern end of Lake Malawi. Participants were members of the Malawian Inter-Ministerial Commitee on Drug Control (IMCDC) and FORUT partner organizations from Asia, Africa and Europe.

Below you can download PowerPoint presentations and other documentation presented at the two events.

IMCDC Training Session on Evidence-based Alcohol Policies:

Development and welfare in Malawi – the case of alcohol problems:
Workshop 1. New evidence: Alcohol as risk factor for HIV/AIDS:
Workshop 2. International experiences: Prevention of substance abuse among children at risk:
Workshop 3. Alcohol policy: Best practices and how to use them in Malawi:
Workshop 4. How to deal with alcohol as a risk factor for gender-based violence:





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