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Noncommunicable diseases:

Consulted NGOs before high level meeting

Last week the Norwegian Directorate of Health hosted the WHO Regional High-level Consultation on Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) in Oslo. The day prior to the High-level meeting a dialogue was held between Norwegian authorities and non-governmental organizations. A declaration from the NGO-meeting was communicated directly to the delegates at the WHO meeting.


A series of consultations are being held in the WHO regions in preparation for next years UN High Level meeting on Non-communicable diseases. The meeting in Oslo was a part of this process.
The purpose of the dialogue meeting was for NGOs to provide inputs on how civil society actors can be enlisted in the efforts to prevent and control NCDs. The declaration from the civil society was a result of discussions in the meeting where some 50 representatives of 25 NGOs from the health and development sectors participated.
Three speakers from Norwegian NGOs addressed the dialogue meeting on different aspects of the NCD issues. Carina Alm from the Norwegian National Public Health Association spoke on national political frameworks and risk factor reduction for NCDs, Øystein Bakke, FORUT addressed NCDs and global development and Anne Lise Ryel, Secretary General of the Norwegian Cancer Society addressed the NGO’s expectations in front of the UN High Level meeting in September 2011.
The resulting declaration was communicated to the representatives of the WHO Regional High-level Consultation on Non-Communicable Diseases by Bjørnar Allgot, Secretary General of the Norwegian Diabetes Association.
More information about the meetings:
WHO Europe – Regional High-level consultation on NCDs (Norwegian Directorate of Health) - This page includes video clips from the conference and links to more information
Dialogue meeting on NCDs with Norwegian NGOs (Norwegian Directorate of Health) - This page includes links to the declaration from the NGO meeting

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