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New international campaign: "Big Alcohol Exposed" launched

Big alcohol in the search light

A worldwide network of NGOs has got together to expose big alcohol. Alcohol industry targeting of children and youth is a particular focus.

“We are proud to be part of, and have coordinated the work of a worldwide network of NGOs dedicated to exposing the truth about the unethical business methods of the alcohol industry,” says Kristina Sperkova, IOGT President who has spearheaded the campaign.

She points out that alcohol consumption comes with great cost to people and society. Alcohol consumption is increasing in many parts of the world and Sperkova is concerned: “Children and young people around the world are exposed to an avalanche of alcohol advertising – to entice them to start consuming alcohol, and to persuade them use more alcohol all the time.”

The website of the campaign, outline the facts both for alcohols effect on health and social inequality as well as facts about alcohol industry targeting children in their advertising. It also shows examples of how the industry is marketing towards children, particularly in sport sponsorship. NGOs and activists around the world are challenged to submit pictures and links where alcohol is being marketed to children and youth, thereby contributing to the campaign.

The campaign is a joint effort among some 20 organisations, included IOGT, FORUT, Alcohol Concern, The International Blue Cross (IFBC) and many others.